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Restoring our historic dairy barn - Day 1

This is the dairy barn that sits towards the front of our farm, with dozens of acres of hay growing behind it. It's a little worse for wear and has been sitting unused for over a decade. I want to turn it into a rabbitry. The to-do list is long. Let's get started!

The first thing we needed to do was to remove at least the top layer of old cow manure that covered the floor of the right side of the barn. The plan was to use only the right side of barn for the rabbitry. So early in the day I grabbed a rake and mucking shovel and got to work. After about an hour, Charles showed up and said, "Ya know... we could do this faster if we used the BobCat."

While Charles worked on removing what looked like a full century of cow poo, I decided to remove the dead, rotting Hosta plant that you can see just to the right of the right side of the barn. Turns out there were fresh little shoots beneath the layers of dead leaves!

Once that was cleared out, Charles and I discussed changing "the plan." The left side of the barn actually gets a lot more natural light than the right side and isn't in as bad a condition as we originally thought. There's a hanging wall that was installed at some point to herd the cattle onto trucks, but that will be very easy to remove and then the natural light would flood in.

For the next hour or so, I worked on removing a lot of weeds and unwanted plants from the front of the barn. Soooo much milkweed. I also began working on the little patio area just behind the left side of the barn. If you ignore all the broken fencing, the cement buried in years of dirt and weeds, and the incredibly old electrical systems unit, you can really see my vision. Maybe.... I still have hope that this is going to work. Please send all the good vibes our way!

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