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Rescue Rabbits

Every rabbit deserves love and compassion.

It is our strong belief that it is our responsibility to use our knowledge and resources to help rabbits in our community. Our goal is to help every rabbit given to us find the perfect home where they can receive compassion and care. 


The rabbits below are looking for new loving families to join. As rabbits that have already formed attachments with other humans, they will need patience as they form new bonds of trust with their new families.


Each rabbit that is brought to us is monitored for health issues as well as behavior concerns before we offer them for adoption. That being said, we cannot guarantee their temperament.

We know in our hearts that there is a family for every bunny, regardless of their history.

We currently do not have any available rescue rabbits.

Rehome Your Rabbit

If you can no longer care for your rabbit, please consider letting us take care of them and help them find their new home. Please click the link below to fill out an Rehoming Application.

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